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77 Veggie Research For Everyday Education on Eating

Actual Facts on how to eat by cutting all carbs , unnecessary fat which makes you look fatigue, by cutting out on sugars too.

Researched by universities and clinics like Cleveland and many more and 15 years experience into healthy eating by 77 Veggie.


1. Surprising to see I have to cut on sugars….isn’t that sad as its difficult cause body asks for sugars…here is a trick for you….have your chocolates and sweets in moderate quantities ( once a week) and immediately consume a savory(salty dish) after that….your body and brain cells do not store those sugars as fat in body..( it works)

2. Who came up with the idea of drinking loads of water.? Water should be consumed when body asks…try to listen to your thirst.. minimum requirement for body to take in is 8 glasses….Low sodium water is the lightest water to lose weight. Cold water can be consumed only before 4 pm. After 4 pm consumption of room temperature water will help u shed more weight. Water after meals should be avoided at all times…1 hour after the meal is consumed, water can be taken.

3. Did u know there is a form of energy around us which works wonders to your body..  and if disturbed it turns to fat. I meant to say when SUN sets in the sky, its time to complete all your meals before sunset. The reason being is when food is engulfed into our body before sunset, the metabolism is high enough to burn it. After sunsets, metabolism switches off and turns food to fat. Before 7pm , consumption of food is mandatory; is the study shown of successful weight loss.

4. I have to go to a party, I have been invited for a grand dinner, I have been called for a birthday party and I m forced to eat that cake!!!!! Don’t panic on this…go out smilingly , enjoy yourself, don’t think of food at all, choose Salads and baked foods to eat.. its safe. As  u r won up from all…u chose to take care of your health.. others will look upon you and follow you soon.

Take a small bite of cake and eat a savory after that. No harm to body.

5. Any stress and nervousness will create sugars in your body and starts talking to your body as negative. Read a positive book, see happy pictures, spend time with family and friends. Love your work as it will help u keep strong in those brains. To avoid this stress… your body requires 9 hours of sleep. After receiving 9 hours of sleep yr body chemicals react in craving for less appetite and more relaxed while u see other s eat.

6. Your body is your soul, its what u eat is what u are. I truly agree with this….when I don’t eat sugar..i can think bright. When I eat sugar I feel fatigue and lazy…yr body will remain young if you want it to remain young…everyone turns old with aging…but if you juicing, detoxifying, eating veggie meals, eating on time for 1-2 years at a stretch…yr body immune system and metabolism will refuse to turn any foods into fat.

How ?? your internal system has been trained in a GYM to break all fats easily… simple due to a major lifestyle change of eating healthy.

7.  Do not take showers after meals. As this bloats your stomach.

8. To have less bloated-ness, have your meals slowly and chew every bite for 32 times….its not difficult.. its basic eating which we were never taught.

9. Exercising after 2 hours of your meals are best to lose weight.

10. Natural protein intake through organic food is the only genuine way of creating yourself fit.

11. Artificial sweeteners, low fat foods should be avoided at all times, this confuses the body.

12. Grocery shopping should be done by picking up items from shelf’s by reading ingredients only. Don’t pick it as its colorful or catchy. Any acidic acid foods should be avoided as it makes your body chemicals understand as fats.

13. After consuming your meals sit for 15 minutes then start walking.

14. Light yoga helps your meals churn in your body and work well with chemical balancing.

15. Smile and eat your meals…don’t feel guilty.

16. The most interesting fact of your body which works well is your brains…your brain signals are very tricky….to educate your brains with healthy food is to start head stands with supervision from your yoga instructor ….the positive signals starts flowing to eat less.

More to come after you complete this list your full life even without having 77

Veggie Meals. 77 Veggie meals educate you to healthy meals and soon will teach the art of cooking too.

Stay healthy always.. never lose hope

77 Veggie Expert team