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Low Carb Intake ( LCI ) Meal Pack

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This is applicable for 1 person as per the dietary design by the designer.

Delivery: Sunday - Thursday  
Time: Customer convenient time Mornings/evngs
Venue: ALl over Dubai

This pack includes: Breakfast, Lunch ,Dinner,snacks( total of 6 Meals a day)

Delivery Charge: 200AED (excluded in price)

NB: 24 Hours Prior Notification required for starting this pack

Calories: 800-1000 / 1200-1400 / 1600-1800( pick your choice)

As a Trickling Fat Free Dessert

This will include once a week -Fat Blue Berry Cheesecake, Strawberry Cheese Cake - which is Whole Wheat, choices of Vegan fully avbl.



2,060.00 AED

Additional Info

  • Calories: ASK for your calorie count