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Educate Yourself

Philosophy to Good Health

  •    Don’t take yourself too seriously
  •    Don’t diet and get into diet supplement foods
  •    Indulge into Organic and your body will not ask for more
  •    Regular blood tests are recommended
  •    Totally cut off fried and overcooked foods
  •    Artificial Sweeteners and preservatives are a total harm to the body
  •    Imagine your body on healthy eating and would not crave for junk food
  •    Immune and train your body and taste-buds to real eating
  •    Enjoy your Job, relationship and Family
  •     Keep your meals simple and veggie, to ensure your brain cells understand and start thinking clearer.
  •     Low sodium water is always recommended to take before meals.
  •     Any high proteins in diet, if not utilized in workouts, can create fats in body
  •     Each bite of your meals should be 32 times before the next bite.
  •     Stress levels will lower down , by lower carbs and lower diary in your meals.
  •     If you trying out new dishes in market, read the instructions carefully before consuming.
  •     Supermarket shopping should be carefully done and with full stomach.