77 Veggie Catering

Go Preservative free ,  Go Vegan, Go Plant based 

A Dubai based pure Vegan Plant based  meal plan company, Educating and Curing people on healthy eating life style.
Fast life has created fast food. But fast food should be in healthy forms.

We at 77 Veggie Catering offer fresh, locally supplied Veggies, Natural herbs, Detox meals, keeping our natural vitamins intact, providing opportunity for people to inculcate the freshness in their taste buds. We not only indulge for fitness High Protein meals, but also design for weight loss too. With our Nutritionists on board, meals not only get healthier but tastier too.

Use of Good carbs and fats are the key ingredients in our meals.

We use German technology and Prepare in minimal Olive oils ( Good fats). Good fats have helped body to good weight loss. Thus 77 Veggie, after a huge study and research have come up with these magic meals. Our Chefs go through training techiniques on cooking at right temperatures to ensure it touches the Soul.

We are our own DOCTOR and education on your meals need to be understood by consuming balanced meals with calculated calories and portions by 77 Veggie.

Join us to enjoy your journey into this Vegan path. 

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