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Veggie Meal Plan

THE HEALTHY STORY…. FIRST-OF-ITS-KIND EDUCATING OUR PRECIOUS LITTLE KIDS HEALTHY, VEGAN, ORGANIC MEALS PREPARED FRESH USING LOCAL PRODUCE….. 77 Veggie Catering offering Veggie Meal Plan JLT a HEALTHY, VEGAN, ORGANIC Restaurant / café has introduced our new setup for KIDS today offering Tasty, Healthy, Rite nutrients, Low in fats, prebiotic touch with organic ingredients, beautifully […]


EATING A SUSTAINABLE DIET DOESN’T HAVE TO BE CONFUSING OR OVERWHELMING. BY SARAH ROMOTSKY, R.D. SUSTAINABLE IS THE NEW BUZZ WORD Because “sustainable” is the new hot term being thrown around these days, there is much confusion as to what this word actually means. Research from the International Food Information Council Foundation 2015 Food and Health […]

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