1. Why do we require Vegan Foods to our lifestyle?

Vegan Meals holds a great deed of High protein, Fibre, Minerals directly from Plant based foods rather than taking it indirectly from Animal based Meats which slow down your Body machine, Hikes your cholesterol and saturated fats.

2. Will I lose weight with this plan and will I regain it later?

High pure nutrient values when comes from plant based foods cooked in a delicate manner from 77 Veggie, your weight-loss will be anywhere between 1-1.5kilo per week, and as it comes from plants, your body starts to love you back keeping you fit all the way. The regain will never be a problem. This is not a diet, this is a educational food journey from 77 Veggie.

3. Where do you deliver?

77Veggie delivers all over Dubai, and have expanded their kitchen premises to a beautiful Dedicated Vegan Gluten free Kitchen in DIP, Dubai.

4. Do you lose weight with Gluten free meals?

Gluten is a substance found in Wheat, barley, rye based meals wherein it contains a certain protein like substance. a gluten contains Oligosaccharides that causes fermentation by Intestinal bacteria. This is the main cause of Bloating and cramping. Yes if you wish to have a flat tummy, suggestion for Gluten free meal is a big ‘YES’.

5. Are all our meals made from outside or made in-house?

77 Veggie does not Have Freezers to store stale or packed foods. We do not use any Pre-packed foods for our meals. Our organic farms deliver veggies and fruits and we bring to your desk directly. We do not use any foods in which fluctuation in temperatures take place. All our meals are “Yeast free, Grain free and GMO free.” WE make all in-house with our Nutritionist’s expert team.

6. Do u have nutritionist’s on board?

We have Free-lancer Nutritionists available with prior appointment and on telephonic calls. You can email us anytime to talk to them” – mary@77veggie.com

7. Do you use Organic products?

Yes, most of our products like vegan cheese, lentils, and many more are Organic. Veggies and fruits depends on season wise.