Vegan Office Meals


Vegan Office Meals

“Vegan word sometimes causes questions in all, Will this work? Or is this really healthy for my body?. Let 77 Veggie explain you. Ancient times when Adam and Eve were the only existent, Nature foods like Plants were the only source of their existence.

When we come to modern world of today’s life, Veganism (plant based foods) nature is cut off from us, especially office goer’s.

Office work gets so hectic and stressful that we grab onto any food which the cafeteria or restaurants serve. In a hectic work environment, food is for your brains not for your hunger. Clean meals like Vegan office meal brings out the true and happy you.

Vegan office meals not only gives you the full nutrients but clarity to work too.


Now lets get to why Vegan office meal? Vegan Office meals are abundant with Vitamin b1,C,E, Folic acid, magnesium and Iron. Not only helps you to focus at work but also helps keeps those cholesterol and saturated fats low.

While working, stress buttons get triggered very quickly, but when such Vegan office meals are consumed, a Shield protects you from all the negativity.

Oh, so you have birthdays at your office today, great! Engage and share Vegan cakes around, keep your office space to help you with yourself by engaging in these Vegan Office Meals.

You must be thinking, “Hey all eating cheese, milk, breads so why should I avoid?”

Education! Educate them on Vegan office meals, pack a 77 Veggie Vegan office meal to let you live a happy you, sharing knowledge is the biggest best attribute one can get, share those Vegan moments, set an example in that busy place.

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