Veggie Meal Plan


77 Veggie Catering offering Veggie Meal Plan JLT a HEALTHY, VEGAN, ORGANIC Restaurant / café has introduced our new setup for KIDS today offering Tasty, Healthy, Rite nutrients, Low in fats, prebiotic touch with organic ingredients, beautifully baked using our German Technology.

Fast life has created fast food. But we at 77 VB offer fresh, locally supplied Veggies keeping our natural vitamins intact, opportuning People to inculcate the freshness in their taste buds.

The concept and vision of 77 Veggie Catering roots back to the time (15 years ago) when I started touring around the world with my KIDS. I found it extremely challenging to eat healthy whilst abroad and when returning to Dubai, immediately created new and healthy recipes, later also offered at school exhibitions across the Emirate. Brought the most important 77 Vegetables on
board and created this healthy veggie delight across our nation today. Thus 77 Veggie Catering was born.

Expectations by people from us….a gateway for healthy lifestyle created to educate the world into eating right and fresh, in right amounts of nutrient’s and calories. Healthy Cooking awareness needs to be inculcated in our daily regime.  We are our own DOCTOR and education on your bodies needs will be understood by consuming these healthy meals with calculated calories.

Veggie Meal Plan is Our Special offer is advantageous for all over schools in Emirate, keeping our timeline valid until new designed meals are portrayed further. Customizing meals is our forte, as KIDS need a change in taste by understanding their trickling taste buds. The biggest challenge is to have KIDS eat a yummier healthy meal like ours, and our chef works on the magic.

As a Mom, Woman, Entrepreneur, Sister, Aunt, Daughter, Daughter-in-law,I would personally recommend people out there, start using ingredients which have local production as its more healthier and lesser chemical free, to keep those kids smiling and healthy for our new generation to build a better future.

Extensive study has brought me to introduce our new launch of Healthy Kids Pak, which are delivered in fresh containers made of Organic ingredients only.

77 Veggie Catering has  a unique feature of aiming into freshness and chemical free products. We are associated with biggest LOCAL FARMS in UAE being the first of its kind in healthy baking with Organic Touch.

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