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Vegan Weight Loss Meal Plan Permanent Results In Five Steps


Go vegan Giving up animal products

Go vegan! Wait! What? No miracle pill or intensive exercise program? Giving up animal products is the easiest and healthiest solution to drop the weight fast.

 Meat, dairy, and eggs are:

  • High in fat
  • Inflammation causing
  • High calorie
  • No fiber
  • High cholesterol

Fruits and vegetables are:

  • Low in fat
  • Healing
  • No cholesterol
  • High fiber
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals

Add to your plant-based diet healthy fats such as nuts, avocados, chia seeds, and coconut oil.  They help store energy and stockpile nutrients.

Don’t be afraid of whole grains.  Brown rice and whole grain pasta are excellent sources.  Dietary fiber from whole grains is important for bowel function and waste removal.  They are packed with B vitamins which help your body to release your protein, fat, and carbohydrate energy.


Cut out sugar!  Avoid stripped down juices


Cut out sugar!  Stop sweetening your coffee and tea.  Use unsweetened vegan milks.  Watch for hidden sugar in processed foods such as cereals, breads, and non-dairy yogurts.  Avoid stripped down juices.  You’d be better off grabbing an orange instead of orange juice; a handful of grapes instead of grape juice.  Sugar is metabolized by the liver where it’s turned into fat.  Excess sugar can cause Type 2 diabetes and weight gain.  Your body does not need sugar.


Increase your protein intake!


Increase your protein intake!  But if you’re a vegan, where do you get your protein?  Vegans have unlimited options in the protein department.

  • Soybeans
  • Avocados
  • Buckwheat
  • Nuts
  • Tofu
  • Lentils
  • Beans
  • Tempeh

Protein is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood.  Protein can help to reduce hunger and boost metabolism.


Drink plenty of water!

water benefits for health

Drink plenty of water! Your body is composed of 60 % water; your blood 90%. Water acts as an appetite suppressant by filling you up which makes you less hungry.  Aiding your liver and kidneys, water helps to flush out toxins in your body.  Water also

  • Boosts your metabolism
  • Cleanses your body of waste
  • Burns fat
  • Carries nutrients to cells

Water is excellent for your body!

STEP # 5

20 Day Vegan Weight Loss Meal Plan

Follow our 20 Day vegan Weight Loss Meal Plan to jumpstart your vegan journey! You won’t go hungry and you’ll eat frequently to maintain blood sugar levels.  A whole new world of healthy vegan foods will be introduced to you.

This Meal Plan includes

  • 5 Days a week
  • 3 Meals a day
  • 2 Snacks a day
  • 1 Juice

20 day vegan weight loss meal plan

It’s really that easy!  You’ll wish you would have done it sooner.

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Weight Loss Programs

Wait! Don’t panic, Programs is not a surgery or a test.

Weight loss means keeping you in good shape, happy, light, focused and above all, never retire!

Let’s take you one 1step further on this Program, walking towards your fridge, grocery can be a confusing task, as to “what is inside those ingredients”.

Yes, this is where 77 Veggie designs each meal with their accurate Macros to help you binge on healthy foods, not fatty bad foods.

What works with the programs and whatnot, who will guide us through it?

Internets hold extra information misguiding people to starve and lose weight, this is incorrect.

Healthy Weight Loss Program is all about Portions.

Instead of thinking about how many calories you eat, you might want to consider the ‘SOURCE’ of those calories.

For example: if you eat 500 calories of ice cream versus 500 calories of banana, you might have a different source amount of energy. And this beautiful person is understood as ‘Nutrient Density.

Did you know- All that matters is FAT, nothing but the GOOD FATS which help you lose weight, and GOOD CARBS which mobilize your energy levels to reduce weight. Getting those jeans to fit in all the time, follow this your whole life.

Healthy Weight Loss Program teaches you to Say NO to those NEW Manufacturers who come out with tasty JUNK foods every day in their warehouses.

Let 77Veggie help you guide through to make those foods happen. Gyms have been a part of lifestyle, Exercise less, not more…Quality over quantity.

Communicating to your body is when your brains deal with the signal of losing weight, which in turn comes by completing your Nutrient palate, this is the time the Right-brain communicates to eat less, and the left brain starts to feel energetic for those movements.

Healthy Weight-Loss program is —Talk to your body and it will not let you down!





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